Rinchen Singye (Senior Forester)

I have graduated from  Bhutan Forestry Institute Taba, after one year certificate course in General Forestry subjects in the year 1994. I have served in two territorial Divisions in Mongar, Thimphu and Thrumshingla National Park prior to this Institute.

I am working as Research Assistant in this Institute since from March 2010 under Department of Sustainable Forestry. Basically, I assist Researchers and other Conservation Managers in different field for Research activity.

My longest tenure for nine years in Thrumshingla National Park rewarded me to be a birder and geared me towards the field of Ornithology. After this, I have done several bird surveys in protected area and Biological Corridors.

  1. Social interaction and cooccurrence of colour morphs of the Asiatic golden cat, Bhutan
  2. In Search of Sacred Giants: An Assessment of Tsenden Forests in Bhutan
Official Email: rsingye@uwice.gov.bt
Alternative Email: rinchensingye@gmail.com
Mobile Phone: +975-17557242
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