Rinchen Namgay (Deputy Chief Forestry Officer)

I have a M.Sc. in Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics with major in Biology from University of Missouri, St. Louis (UMSL), USA, B.Sc. in Forestry with Applied Conservation Science as a major from the College of Natural Resources (CNR), Lobesa, Bhutan and a Diploma in Forestry Science from the Natural Resources Training Institute (now CNR).

I joined this institute in February 2014 as a Forestry Officer in the Department of Sustainable Forestry. And currently, I have been designated as Program Co-Ordinator for Education and Capacity Building Section at the Institute.

I have worked on the “Habitat mapping and assessing conservation threats of Black-necked Cranes wintering in Bumthang” and have produce a paper titled, “Habitat preferences and conservation threats to Black‑necked Cranes wintering in Bhutan” in springer plus (open access journal).  I have worked on estimating the range shift and assessing harvesting intensity of Junipers in Bhutan as a part of my Master thesis. I will continue to work on the rural timber pricing policies, assessment of community forestry program, validation, and accreditation of national certificate II and III curriculum, and coordinating and educating the certificate and professional courses at the institute.

  1. Habitat preferences and conservation threats to Black-necked Cranes wintering in Bhutan.

Official Email: rnamgay@uwice.gov.bt
Alternative Email: rnamgay@gmail.com
Mobile Phone: +975-11111111
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