Yog Raj Chhetri (Senior Forestry Officer)

I work as a researcher at the Forest Science and Technology Center, Yusipang, Thimphu since 2014. I have been working under the research system since my initial appointment in 1999. I have B.Sc. in forestry from the College of Natural Resources, Lobesa, under Royal University of Bhutan (2011- 2013), and Diploma in Forestry from Natural Resources Training Institute, Lobesa (1996-1999).  

I have a strong interest in research related to Sustainable forest management (Forest Ecology) and also have the greater experience in agroforestry, farmland management & dealing with the farming communities.  Currently I am coordinating and leading the biomass activities to develop the species specific allometric equations to estimate the above ground tree biomass and national forest carbon of Bhutan. 

  1. Laboratory Protocol for Drying of Aboveground Tree Biomass Sample
Official Email: ychhetri@uwice.gov.bt
Alternative Email: ychhetri@gmail.com
Mobile Phone: +975-11111111
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