Dawa Yoezer (Senior Forestry Officer)

Graduated from Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan (HP). After completion of Four years Bsc (honours) in forestry programme in 2013, I joined the institute through RCSC from January 2014.

Currently I am working under water resources department of the institute and wish to dedicate my service and foster my knowledge in the field of water resources. I also teach Environmental Science module for the certificate course trainees at the institute.

  1. Community Based Natural Resources Management Programs in Protected Areas of Bhutan - A Case Study on Park Festivals
  2. Proceedings of the National Water Symposium 2017 - Towards Ensuring Water Security for Bhutan’s Future
  3. National Water Symposium Technical Presentations 2017 - Towards Ensuring Water Security for Bhutan’s Future
  4. Aquatic Biodiversity Assessment - A baseline study in Mangdechhu, Central Bhutan
  5. Institutional Analysis for Water Quality Testing and Monitoring in Bhutan: Towards Development of A National Reference Laboratory
  6. Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment in Kurichhu Watershed: A case of Gangzur and Kengkhar, Bhutan
  7. Bhutan Water Facts 2018
  8. Demystifying the link between Rural Urban Migration and Human Wildlife Conflict: A case of Gangzur and Kengkhar, Eastern Bhutan
Official Email: dyoezer@uwice.gov.bt
Alternative Email: ddagad@gmail.com
Mobile Phone: +975-17859753
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