Tshewang Norbu (Senior Forest Ranger III)

I work as a Researcher on Primates and Human Wildlife conflicts under Forest Science and Techonology Center, UWICER Thimphu, since 2009. I hold a 3 years Diploma in Forestry from Natural Resources Training Insitute, (Now Collage of Natural Resources), Lobesa under Royal University of Bhutan in 2000. Prior to joining the research institute, I worked under Territorial Divisions and National Parks. I have attended several certificate courses on Participatory Rural Appraisal (TREES, UPLB, Philippines), Participatory Protected Area Management (RECOFTC, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand), Tailor Made Course on Research Skills from Boku University, Austria. I have strong interests in Primates and wish to pursue my career as a primatologist. 

  1. Community values and perceptions of ecosystem services of high-altitude oldgrowth oak forests of Bhutan Himalayas
  2. Population abundance and distribution of the endangered golden langur (Trachypithecus geei, Khajuria 1956) in Bhutan
  3. A Preliminary Distribution of the Bengal Slow Loris Nycticebus bengalensis (Lacépède, 1800) in Bhutan
  4. Conservation threats to the endangered golden langur (Trachypithecus geei, Khajuria 1956) in Bhutan
Official Email: tnorbu@uwice.gov.bt
Alternative Email: tshew@gmail.com
Mobile Phone: +975-11111111
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