SFS-Bhutan Program Research Symposium

News | Posted on 2013-07-05

SFS-UWICE (The School for Field Studies- the Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment) students’ research symposium was held at UWICE. The aim of the symposium is to present the findings of directed research carried out by SFS students during their 6-week program period in Bhutan.

Twenty undergraduate students from different universities/colleges of USA are in Bhutan to undertake a 6-week course on Eastern Himalayan Forests, Watersheds, and Rural Livelihoods. This year the students have carried out field research on community and private forests under Chumey geog of Bumthang.

The symposium was attended by various dzongkhag and regional heads, and UWICE staff.

SFS is an independent educational organization based in United States of America. SFS organizes field-based study courses for young students to develop environmentally literate citizens, and to promote and protect sustainability of the world’s natural resources. The SFS introduced its programme in Bhutan in 2010 and being implemented in collaboration with UWICE.

The similar symposium will also be organized in Thimphu for the heads of various departments and agencies next week.