Students from Gangphey Community Primary School visited NSC, Khebeythang

News | Posted on 2019-11-06

11 students with 3 teachers from Gangphey Community Primary School, Phobjikha, visited the Nature Study Center as part of their outdoor environmental education programs. While at the center, we took an opportunity to expose students to nature and develop life skills through team building and nature-based fun activities. Team building and creativity, Bird watching, learning to recognize plant and animal signs in the environment, and estimating tree age from an exposed stump were some of the fun activities the student enjoyed most.

“Such a program is an opportunity for the students to socialize and bond with their classmates in beautiful natural environment and create lifelong connections and memories” said Ms. Passang Gyem, the Program Coordinator.

The students and teachers were at the center from 3rd November to 5th November, 2019. This is the first group of primary-level students to visit the center.