Re-Invitation for Limited Enquiry Tender Quotation for Vehicles Rental Services

Announcements | Posted on 2020-02-27

Sealed quotations are invited from interested Bhutanese Vehicle owner (Eicher/Coaster Bus with 25 to 28 Seater) for travelling within Bhutan from 09th March to 27th March, 2020. Details of rates and information required are to be furnished in the attached format. Please read the Terms and Conditions in the attached format before submission of the quotation.

Interested bidders who own the above cited vehicle type may fill the format and submit the completed quotation along with supporting documents to the office of UWICER, Bumthang, Lamaigoenpa latest by 11 AM on 02nd March, 2020. The quotation will be opened at 3.00PM on the same day at UWICER Hall of Common.

Limited Tender Quotation Format for Vehicle Hiring

 Type of Vehicle

 Vehicle Model No.

 Registration No.

 Rate per KM(Nu)

 Halt Charge/Day (Nu)

 Remarks(If any)













*Halt charge will be paid instead of payment per KM when on tours that doesn’t involve long distance travel.

Terms and Conditions

1.      Bid should be submitted in one sealed envelope in the given format and should be addressed to UWICER Head specialist

2.      The vehicle should be in excellent condition to avoid breakdown and unnecessary delay of work

3.      The bidders should have professional driver for the vehicle with valid driving license:

4.      The entrusted bidder should bear the full cost of vehicle maintenance in case of any breakdown. If it is a major breakdown then the owner should arrange another vehicle as substitution within 24 hours of the breakdown.

5.      The officer in- charge using the vehicle would decide if arrangement of substitute vehicle is required during any major breakdown:

6.      The quoted rates should be inclusive of Drivers payment, fuelling cost, parking fee and the cost associated to reach UWICER to commence the assignment

7.      The drivers should strictly adhere to the road safety laws while driving and any official travelling in vehicle have right to remind/object if the drive fails to follow the laws in vogue:

8.      Halt charge will be paid if the travelled distance per day is less than 100 KM:

9.      A Xerox copy of the following documents should be attached with the quotation format;

1.      Valid vehicle registration certificate,

2.      Valid driving license of the Driver who will be driving the vehicle,

3.      Valid road worthiness certificate of the vehicle,

4.      Valid vehicle Insurance certificate.

For any clarification please contact # 03 631946