Nature Tour Guide Training's curriculum gets validated

News | Posted on 2023-06-08

A three-day meeting was organized from 8th to 10th June 2023 at the Technical Trainers Training Resources Center (TTTRC) located in Dulongang under Dekiling geog under Sarpang Dzongkhag to validate the reviewed and developed curriculum for the Nature Tour Guide Training. Generally, the Nature Tour Guide Training is aimed to develop the knowledge, skills, and ability of tour guides that will enhance the effective service delivery of tourism industries across the country. The first Nature Tour Guide training curriculum that was developed 3 years before at the National Certificate level two (NC 2) covered only four taxa viz; bird, mammal, butterfly, and plant. The revised curriculum has two additional subjects of nature photography and fishing guiding services that lead to the achievement of NC 3 qualification. To obtain the NTGT NC 3 level qualification, any aspiring cultural guides, or fresh graduates (class 12 passed) should complete all seven modules (module 1 to module 7);

1.     Module 1: Carryout Fundamentals of Nature Tour Guiding Service

2.     Module 2: Provide Nature Photography Service

3.     Module 3: Provide Birding Expedition Services

4.     Module 3: Provide Butterfly Expedition Services

5.     Module 3: Provide Botanical Expedition Service

6.     Module 3: Provide Mammal Expedition Service

7.     Module 2: Provide Fishing Guiding Service

Also, it is mandatory to acquire module 1 before applying to the subsequent modules i.e., modules 2-7.

13 people are attending the meeting comprising curriculum experts from TTTRC led by the Training Director and Program Officers, biodiversity and ecotourism experts from the Department of Tourism, College of Natural Resources, and field experts from the Protected Areas and Territorial Divisions under the Department of Forest and Park Services. The meeting follows the curriculum validation process where the meeting attendees appointed Dr. Bhagat Suberi, Lecturer from CNR as the Chairperson and Mr. Karma Dorji, Training Director as the Member Secretary. This important training guideline would augment Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Forest Research and Training (UWIFoRT) in conducting value-based training to produce a pool of qualified nature tour guides. This program is supported by the DoT through its deposit work funds.