GIS and GPS training for the Engineering Division, Department of Agriculture

News | Posted on 2015-01-05

A week long training on Global Positioning System(GPS) and Geographic Information System(GIS) for the staffs of Engineering Division, Department of Agriculture, started on January 5, 2015. The training is conducted by UWICE in collaboration with the Engineering Division, Department of Agriculture.

In total, 24 participants from the engineering background are attending the training. From this introductory training, the participants are expected to learn how to collect, integrate and interpret data using GIS software and GPS equipment. The training will be delivered as a combination of lectures, demonstration, hands-on exercise, and field survey.

As a mapping and analysis tool, GIS has been widely used to assist planning, modeling, designing and implementation of engineering project.  In this context, the training is also expected to mainstream usage of GPS and GIS in implementation of project activities among staffs of the Engineering Division. The training will end on January 12, 2015.