Young Scientist Winter Camp for Bumthang School Youths Started Today

News | Posted on 2015-01-01

UWICE initially started its Kids Program in September 2012 with the objective to inculcate a love for nature in young minds since today’s youth are the future environmental stewards for conservation and protection of nature. With a bigger vision, UWICE has expanded this program for high school youths with a mission of “Youth go science and Science goes public”. The program aims to educate, motivate and empower the younger generation of environmental stewards and to promote and share ecological awareness to the people of Bhutan through symposiums, arts and crafts.

A ten-day program started today from 06.45am, with an early walk to the forest for mist netting followed by a talk on ‘A Global View on Animal Migration’, by the Director of the Institute. The program is being attended by 20 youths of 5 schools in Bumthang. Within these 10 days they will be exploring use of camera traps to monitor wildlife, bird taxonomy and birds of Bhutan, aquatic biodiversity, botany, small mammal trapping, track casting, GPS and GIS, and other science skills.