National Certificate III Students at the NWFP and Agroforestry Technology Sub-Centre, Darla

News | Posted on 2018-08-07

National Certificate III students are at Non-Wood Forest Products and Agroforestry Technology Sub-Centre, Darla to learn the identification skills to identify the plants of the sub-tropical forests. Plant identification is an important pre-requisite technical skill to be a skilled forester.

UWICER Darla is located on a stretch of 29 acres and has an arboretum housing species diversity of more than 100 plant species. The centre also has an orchid collection of more than 60 species in the orchidarium. The presence of good plant diversity on the campus will be an added advantage for the students to learn flora diversity of sub-tropical forests during a shorter study period.  

During the duration of two weeks in the centre, the students will also study the bird and butterfly diversity of the sub-tropical forests.