CWU-UWICER Joint field school at Nature Study Sub-Center, Khebeythang.

News | Posted on 2019-09-11

The first ever faculty directed joint student's research and training program is ongoing at the Nature Study Sub Center (NSSC), Khebeythang – a place, an hour walk from the nearest village of Phobjikha valley. Seven students with two Professors from Central Washington University (CWU), United States are at the center on joint field program as part of NSSC revival program. This joint research between CWU and NCIII students will promote and enhance their basic skills and techniques to study nature and the biodiversity. Four UWICER faculty members who are passionate about butterflies, plants, wildlife, invertebrates and GPS, and two professors from CWU are at the center imparting the following skills:

  1. Basic birding (mist net, identification, handling and tagging)
  2. Plant taxonomy (basic identification of herbs, shrubs and trees)
  3. Butterflies and moth (basic techniques, identification)
  4. Wildlife Surveys using camera traps
  5. GPS operations
  6. Fresh water ecology focus on invertebrates
  7. Ethnographic Methods; Museums and Educational Outreach- farmers interviews
  8. Primatology

The center was built in 1996 to serve as nature study center and remained largely un-used defeating the whole purpose of having built the center. With such national and international program in run; the long awaited goal of the center to create enabling environment for the international and national students to study the nature is expected to be realized. The team from CWU arrived in Bhutan on September 1st, 2019 and will leave on September 14th, 2019.