Zhiwai Jinsey Rimdro at UWICE

News | Posted on 2013-09-17

A day long Zhiwai Jingsey (Fire Offering) was performed ­­at the courtyard of the Institute presided over by the Venerable Lam Neten (Trongsa) yesterday. Zhiwai Jingsey was conducted for the well being of the Institute, Staff and all sentient beings.

Jinsey involves making an offer to the God of Fire. It is believed that Jinsey prevent all the negative effects from devil spirits to all sentient beings.  Performing Jinsey is also believed to destroy all negative energies, detrimental thoughts and desires.

Director of the Institute, all the faculty members and their families, trainees and local people, attended the ritual ceremony. They offered their prayers and wishes for the wellbeing of all the sentient beings.

In the evening, Venerable Lam Neten performed Gagthri (driving away the devils) ritual by visiting every houses and offices within the campus.