Young Scientist Talk

News | Posted on 2014-09-29

As the first series of  'Young Scientist Talk', UWICE gave a talk on 'Phenology and Climate Change' to students and teachers of Jakar Higher Secondary School, Bumthang.  The talk was organized to provide an insight into impact of climate change on plant and animal lifecycle. More importantly, how younger generation can connect to nature and learn from it.

During the discourse, students were provided an overview on how global climate is changing and its impact on biodiversity.  Off all, the thematic topic: 'Phenology is Nature's Calendar', brought in an elaborated discussion.  As an update on HEROES’ project, students also saw demo on usage of interactive visualization tool developed for the phenology.

Sixty students lead by two-nature club coordinator of Jakar Higher Secondary School participated in the talk. Hence on, UWICE is going to organize a series of talks to inspire younger generation to promote environmental stewardship.