CWU Delegations at Nature Study Sub-Center, Khebeythang

News | Posted on 2019-11-13

Official delegates from Central Washington University (United States of America) Dr. Tim Englund, Dean of the College of the Sciences, Professor Dr. Lisa Bliss and Professor Dr. Lori Sheeran visited  the Nature Study Sub-Center from 9-11 November 2019. The delegates were at the center to gain insight into the suitability of the surrounding environment and basic facilities for conducting education, outreach and conservation through collaboration and cooperative ties reflected in the MoU that was recently signed.

The delegates, along with the Center’s Program Director, discussed the sustainability of collaborative programs entailing refurnishing the center with basic facilities, instruments, equipment, setting up a small library, classroom support, development of pocket guidebooks, conservation displays, MSc collaborative research on biodiversity, fund-raising mechanisms, mobilizing research grants for Bhutanese and American students, and outreach program for nearby schools and local community through citizen science. Among many collaborative plans, discussion of the fund raising mechanisms for the center in collaboration with CWU was among the most important.