Workshop on Business Plan Development at the College of Natural Resources, Lobesa, Punakha

News | Posted on 2023-12-29

Training on "Business Plan Development" was jointly organized by Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Forestry and Research and College of Natural Resources from 18-29th of December, 2023 in the CNR campus.

The training emphasized on different facets of business planning, imparting comprehensive insights into ideation, analysis, and presentation. Participants delved into opportunity identification, refining ideas through diverse models (SWOT, PESTEL, etc.), and conducting market research. The participants honed their skills on crafting business plans encompassing robust organizational, financial, and management structures. 

Ultimately, the program culminated into the practical application of learned skills, simulating real-world scenarios through mock pitching and engaging with financial institutions. Participants were equipped with a holistic understanding of business planning, ready to confidently articulate, refine, and pitch their entrepreneurial visions. 

The training was attended by 6 officials from UWIFoRT and 4 from CNR.