Andragogy training underway

News | Posted on 2024-04-08

The Andragogy/Pedagogy training is being conducted from 8th-12th April at the UWIFoRT, Bumthang.

The training focuses one ducating on adult teaching methods on the modules of enhancing the skill, knowledge, visualization, and evaluation. Moreover, this will be helpful to Gyalsung Forest Fire and HWC groups/tutors in delivering the course and to prepare teaching resources.The participants consist of staff from UWIFoRT and Forest fire/HWC focal from Division Forest Offices and Protected Areas under Department of Forests Park Services (DoFPS).

The training will provide participants with modern methodologies of teaching adults and presentation in an effective way.This will also boost the confidence of the foresters through validation of resources and improving skills, knowledge and evaluation.

The training is attended by 31 participants (27 males and 4 females) and is funded by Bhutan for Life.