Re-notice inviting Air Ticket Quotation

Announcements | Posted on 2023-11-21

The Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Forestry and Research Training, Department of Forests and Park Services, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resource, Bumthang hereby invites the sealed rates from authorized travel agents for the supply of air tickets as detailed hereunder: 

Travel Date

Travel Route

No. Of Pax




Malaysia via Singapore to Paro

2 pax




Paro via Singapore to Malaysia

2 pax




The sealed rates must be submitted to UWIFoRT, Lamigoempa on 24th November, 2023before 10:00 AM and will be opened on the same day at 10:30 AM.

The rates should be quoted as per the sector given above & will be selected for the most direct and economical route. However, bidders/travel agents are requested not to quote for budgeted airlines.

Bidders are requested to mention the name of the airline & submit confirmed itineraries. 

Unconditional quotations like an increase of fares or change of airlines at the time travel are not accepted. 

The validation of fares and availability of seats should be as per the details mentioned above.

The valid Ticketing License issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs must be submitted.

Sealed quotations should be addressed in favor of the Head Specialist, UWIFoRT, Bumthang

The rates should be quoted as per the above given deadlines and all the seats must be confirmed on the date of travel. 

PRICE: All the prices shall be quoted in Ngultrum only. If quoting in foreign currency (USD Dollar), it should be converted into Bhutanese Currency (Ngultrum).

Download the Tender Document here: Air Ticket Quotation